Fairy Doodles Activity: Free Download!

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Fairies prefer to hide from people. They flit about so quickly, you may never know if you've actually seen one! So we've got a whole book of doodle activities that give you the opportunity to draw ...continue reading

Cafe au Lait a la DuPre

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Coffee and chocolate team up in this dynamo drink, a delectable libation worthy of any occasion. Here's a cafe au lait recipe for you! Makes 1 pot Ingredients Pot of strong ...continue reading

DIY: Hand-Poured Sensible Soap

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These rose-shaped soaps are a perfect accoutrement to a guest bathroom. So Jane author Hollie Keith shares this Jane Austen–inspired DIY for Hand-Poured Sensible Soap. Materials 1 block ...continue reading

Stuffed Tomatoes with Manioc Flour and Cashew Nuts Recipe

The Brazilian Table | Gibbs-Smith.com

Brazil—exotic, sensual, mysterious—mingles pleasure with high energy, and its cuisine is no different. This recipe for Stuffed Tomatoes blends the native ingredient of manioc with more traditional ...continue reading

Easter Bunny Bath Bomb Jar

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This Easter Bunny Bath Bomb Jar project is sure to provide holiday entertainment for your pint-sized partygoers! Kids won't fight bath time with this homemade bath bomb recipe. The best part is ...continue reading

Creole Gumbo Recipe

Jon Bonnell's Waters | Gibbs-Smith.com

Gumbo is a beautiful meal when served in a large bowl all by itself or the perfect beginning to almost any great dinner if served in a cup. The complexity of dark roux complemented by a variety of ...continue reading