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DIY SECRET Kids’ Kitchen Chalkboard


By Jill Krause

First, let me just say HELLO Red Barn Blog Readers! I am thrilled and beyond honored to be bringing you ideas for decor and cool spaces up in here, even though it’s kind of a tall order. Lots of pressure! But I’ll do my best to bring you inspiration every month. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

To kick things off, I’m going to share a space with y’all (oh yes, forgot to tell you I’m from Texas) that I’ve had in my kitchen for a couple years. In fact, I would like to brag that I created this space BEFORE the chalkboard boom of Pinterest 2012.

Now, I love me a chalkboard, especially when it comes to kids. There’s really not much damage a kid can do if they get loose with a piece of chalk, right? And the clean up couldn’t be simpler. But? To be completely honest? Not so much a fan of visible chalkboard surfaces displayed throughout my home. They look uber hip in magazines, I’ll give you that. But in reality, I just feel like they look messy… and that’s probably because I know me and I know I wouldn’t be cleaning that chalkboard off daily.

So I like to keep ours behind closed doors—behind these closed cabinet doors, to be precise.


We are fortunate to live in a house with massive cabinet space, and since I’m not too fond of being in the kitchen, I don’t really have loads of kitchen gadgets to store in them. I wound up dedicating an entire lower cabinet to my son when he started crawling. A whole cabinet for him to climb in, hide in, play with yogurt containers in—it was a sanity saving measure. And then one day, in an effort to get a little more distraction for him out of the set up, I painted the inside of them with chalkboard paint.

It was as simple as picking up a can of chalkboard paint from my local home improvement store, taping off the inside panel of the cabinets, and painting on a few coats with a foam brush. (Pro tip: Make sure the store shakes the can for you in their special can shaking machines before you leave. Then give it a good shake on your own before you start.)

Then this year I went a step further and organized the space a little better. I picked up these buckets at the Target Dollar Spot just the other day, and hung them inside the cabinets with some 3M Command hooks.


In theory, my children (I have 2 now—my son is 4 and my daughter is 2) are supposed to put the chalk back in their bucket when they are done using it. In reality, I’ll probably find them in between my couch cushions, but a girl can dream.


Since my kids are a little too big to be crawling inside the cabinets now, I went ahead and filled the space with some plastic, labeled bins for their play food and play dishes.



I get that not everyone has this kind of cabinet space, though. The cool thing is, even if you have to actually store useful things in your cabinet, the chalkboard part takes no space at all. Just be sure you paint the inside of a cabinet that doesn’t store anything breakable or something like, you know, a blender.

I hope you enjoy this super simple, super secret kids chalkboard space. I’ll see you back here next month with another cool space and decor idea—currently taking requests! Let me know what you’d like to see.

Brought to you by Jill Krause of Baby Rabies


Thanks, Jill! What a nifty and creative use of kitchen space! Jill will be back on Red Barn Wednesday, February 27 to share another idea for cool spaces and decor. Looking forward to it!


  1. Suzanne Taylor :

    I LOVE this, Jill. I’m gonna try it with my teenagers, except in the bathroom where they spend most of their time getting ready for the day. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Awesome idea! I don’t have the space, but I could spare the back of a cabinet door :)

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