How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

Virginia Brimhall Snow

Making your own grapevine wreath is easy and fun! Learn how to make a beautiful grapevine wreath craft by following this tutorial.

Grapevine wreath

I finally crossed an item off my craft bucket list! You know what I mean, those projects you keep meaning to get to that sound so fun, but they never seem to make it to the actual to do list.

Guess what I did?
I looked on Pinterest to try to make grapevine wreaths. You know, like the ones that you pay so much for at the craft store? I found a bunch of pretty ones but didn’t have much luck with the methods to make them. So I thought, “I can figure this out.” Here’s the result of my work.

You will need:

  • Cable ties (zip ties, I also use these to hold up my grapevines)
  • Hand pruners
  • Fresh grapevine trimmings (the long spindly ones work best)
  • Cookies

First I saved out the longest, skinniest vine to use at the end. I took one vine and coiled it into the smallest circle that I could, and held that in place with some zip ties.

Step one in making grapevine wreath

I kept adding more vines by coiling them the same way that I did the first one, fastening everything together with the zip ties as I went.

Step 2 in making grapevine wreath

Now is a good time to take a little break and eat the cookies!

When the wreath was as thick as I wanted it, I took the long, skinny vine I had saved and started wrapping it around the bundle in a spiral, like wrapping Christmas lights around a stair banister. It worked well to weave the ends into the wreath.

Step three in making grapevine wreath

Ta da!! You have a beautiful wreath. Just let it dry for a couple of weeks and then cut off the cable ties.

For an idea on how to decorate your grapevine wreath, check out our Easy DIY Spring Wreath post by Kim Byers.


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