Book Trolley: How to Make a Rolling Library

DIY Trolley Library by The Celebration Shoppe for

This simple DIY book trolley is keeping us organized! If your family is anything like mine, we love our books! My boys actually max out my library card (it allows for 50 items!) every visit. Yep. We’re readers.

So with summer now in full swing, and my requirement that they read every single day, the books lying around can get a bit out of control. To help us tame the stacks and to make sure we return them all on time, I made this easy DIY rolling library trolley.

DIY Trolley Library by The Celebration Shoppe for

I’m in love with how it turned out!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own rolling library trolley:

  • What-A-Crate
  • Krylon White Gloss Spray Paint
  • Krylon Peekaboo Blue Gloss Spray Paint
  • Krylon Crystal Clear Top Coat
  • Craftwood 150 Grit Sandpaper
  • Martha Stewart Habanero Red Paint (with fine-tip brush)
  • Martha Stewart Block Stencil
  • Sharpie Blue/Gray
  • Casters (4)
  • Nuts and bolts (16), flat heads are the best so that books aren’t damaged inside cart

DIY Trolley Library by The Celebration Shoppe for

And here are the easy steps for making your trolley:

  1. Paint the crate: First, spray paint the pine wood crate White. Allow to dry. Overlay a coat of Peekaboo Blue. Allow to dry. Finish with a Crystal Clear Top Coat. Allow to dry. Sand lightly so that white and wood shows through in spots as if antiqued.
  2. Measure for casters: Measure your wood slats width and depth before you purchase your casters and nuts/bolts. (Available at your local hardware store.)
  3. Attach casters: Place casters on each corner and mark with a pencil. Drill and attach.
  4. Measure and outline stencil: To make sure that your lettering is centered, measure your letters and your box, then mark them off before painting.
  5. Paint and outline letters: You can easily sponge stencil your letters, or do like me and paint your stencil with a fine brush. Allow to dry. For extra definition, outline the letters with a Sharpie.
  6. Sand design: To keep with the antiqued wood look, lightly sand the finished lettering.

DIY Trolley Library by The Celebration Shoppe for

I hope you enjoy your new trolley as much as we are enjoying ours! And as always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

By Kim Byers

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  1. I love this…. what a great idea! Where did you get your crate from?

  2. Adorable idea!

  3. Where can I buy the Casters at, any specific store names? Do you think I have to predrill or can I just screw them down? Thank you! I just love this idea!!!!

    Happy Summer,

    • I picked mine up at Home Depot, but any home improvement store will carry them. And yes, I do recommend you predrill so that you don’t split your wood with too much pressure. The slats on mine are only 5/16 inch thick.

      So glad you like the idea!

  4. I love this idea! My 2 older kids (9 1/2 and 8) both have their own library cards now because we’d go over the limit. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

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