Dutch Oven Cooking Tips

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People may think Dutch ovens went by the wayside with the ending of the great cattle drives of the 1800s . . . but Dutch oven cooking is alive and well in the twenty-first century! Check out these ...continue reading

Inspiration for Great Rooms, Southern Style

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Add a little southern flair to your decor! Get ideas and inspiration from these great rooms set in the Southern mountains. The great room in the Southern mountains is the center of the home and ...continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Cutie Pie Recipe for Your Kids

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Mini cutie pies are fun to make and eat because you and your friends can each have a pie for yourself! Can't beat that. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making these Garden Grasshopper mini pies for ...continue reading

Fashion Doodles: Free Download!

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Strut your stuff as a fashion designer! Let your imagination run wild with these fashion doodles inspired by some very cool trends from decades past. How about the Roaring Twenties? The ...continue reading

Homemade Fried Pickles


Tired of potato chips and french fries? Give fried pickles a try! Reactions to fried pickles seem to fall into two camps: the people who regard them with confusion and disdain and the folks who ...continue reading

Fairy Doodles for Kids


Fairies, sprites, and elves are just a pencil stroke away! Fairy Doodles What little girl hasn't fantasized about what it would be like to live in a fairy land? The newest Pocketdoodle book from ...continue reading