Your Body after Baby

After Baby

So you’ve survived pregnancy, childbirth, and the crazy first months of a baby’s life. Congratulations, girl. You did it. Now let’s have a little talk about how you’re hating on your body ...continue reading

Baby: How to Travel with One in Public & Live to Tell about It

How to Travel with a Baby in Public and Live to Tell about It

By Emily Dahl Taking care of a new baby within the comfort of home can be...really something. Taking a baby into an actual public setting, where there are onlookers, can be completely traumatizing. ...continue reading

Partnership: A Solution for Perfectionism


By Renee Bond Kicky’s last round of immunizations happened on a day when Jeff was the one taking care of her. Before that, I had taken on that chore because Jeff does not like watching anyone get ...continue reading

Baby Has Enough Clothes. Where’s My Cute Outfit?


By Renee Bond Last night I boxed up another batch of Kicky’s clothes because she moved up a size. Dealing with her stacks of little outfits always gives me mixed feelings. I have a lot of good ...continue reading

I Never Thought I’d Be Doing This


  By Renee Bond You know how, when you were little and your mom did something that made you so mad, you would say, “When I’m grown up, I won’t treat my kids like you do,” and your mom ...continue reading

Precious, Precious Time


By Renee Bond About a month after Kicky was born, I was watching her and my husband happily staring at each other like just being together was the best thing in the world, and I wasn’t quite sure ...continue reading